How Can I Renew Online Gumasta License In Mumbai?

The Gumasta License is issued under Subsection (2) of the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act 1948. This Gumasta license is valid for one year and must be applied for within 30 days of the license certificate expiring. Gumasta License in Mumbai is a mandatory document that will help you register as an authorized entity.

About Gumasta License Renewal In Mumbai:

If a person wishes to engage in commercial activity in any part of the country, it is essential to obtain registration under the Shops and Establishments Act. While each state in India has related issues, each state also enacted its own state-specific business and establishment law. For any company that has a physical presence in India, the local authority, mainly the Municipal Corporation, provides registration under the provisions of this specific country's law. One such state that regulates these records is Maharashtra. A registration certificate was issued by the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act in Mumbai, and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai manages the application process.

Regardless of the company's turnover, all companies require this registration if the employees working in the company organization are ten or more. Registration is essential to proof of legal personality for a business, firm, or corporation. In addition, it gives the employer the right to conduct business. Many banks see this registration as a prerequisite for opening a business account. Although the government tries to keep records of this register, the register is usually issued for one year. It can be issued for a more extended period after paying the prescribed fee. After the registration period has expired, an extension is required. Gumasta renewal is as important as registering to continue business operations legally.

Gumasta License Renewal

When Should A Gumasta License Be Renewed?

  • If the application for gumasta license renewal of registration is filed late after the expiry of the registration period but within thirty days of the expiry date, a penalty for issuing the renewed certificate of registration will be charged. This surcharge or additional fee is half the fee to be paid for the renewal of a registration certificate or renewed registration certificate.
  • Sometimes the registration certificate is previously issued or renewed for three years. This is at the employer's request, without prejudice to the provisions of the subsections of the Act. The extension is granted upon payment of the prescribed fee, equal to three years at a time. Once the fee is paid, the new registration certificate will be renewed every three years, including the year the registration is renewed.

Documents Requirement For Gumasta Renewal Process Online:

Since the gumasta renewal application is submitted online, it is always best to scan the documents to be attached to the renewal application.

  • The following documents must be available:
  • Document for the premises of the shop or establishment.
  • A self-declaration must be drawn up in the format specified on the website.
  • A self-declaration must be prepared in the certification format specified on the website.
  • A commitment in the prescribed format.
  • A digital copy of the employer's photos.
  • A digital signature of the employer.
  • Proof of identity of the applicant can be in the form of a driver's license, passport, Aadhar card, or PAN card.
  • Proof Of Address of the business premises.
  • Copy the receipt of the fee paid (required only for old users).

Please note that all documents attached as attachments must have a file size of 75 KB to 100 KB. The photo file must be between 20KB and 30KB, and the digital signature must be between 9KB and 15KB.

Once you have shared all these documents with the Sarkari Suvidha consultants, we will start the gumasta license renewal process.

Gumasta License Online

Looking for Gumasta License Renewal in India?

Sarkari Suvidha Official Website/our consultants will assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents and registrations required for Gumasta License Renewal in India.

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