What Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

Working for long hours to handle every business-related task and dedicating yourself fully to the business can pay off for a while in the real estate business. But as the business grows you may find yourself handling the administrative and other unnecessary tasks rather than working on the thing you suppose to do. In addition, you may have to sacrifice your family & social life, hobbies, and relaxation. Bringing on real estate virtual estate is the best solution to this problem.

A virtual assistant will work as your right hand and provide a variety of business services remotely. It will help you focus on the work that brings revenue to your business so you are always at the top of the game. Do you want to know what all tasks VA can take off your plate? Read this blog post to find the answer to all your questions related to real estate virtual assistants.

What Do Real Estate VA's Do?

If you have not worked with a real estate virtual assistant, you might be wondering what tasks a VA can perform efficiently for you. You can rely on a virtual assistant for performing the following tasks:

•             Calendar Management and Scheduling

Virtual assistants can help with calendar management and appointment scheduling. Usually, real estate agents have a full calendar so VA makes sure you finish high-priority tasks first. Moreover, they can schedule your appointments with the clients and leads. In addition, they can also schedule events and tasks ensuring there’s no overlap.

•             Updating Website and Social Media Handling

Keeping up with the website is a full-time job. But, at the same time website and social media handling are key to success in the digital world. Virtual assistants can post timely blogs, update market data and information, and work on website enhancement. In addition, they can also handle your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts to boost your online presence.

•             Research

Research is a time-consuming but important task in the real estate business. You can hire a virtual assistant with the research skills to keep an eye on the latest marketing trends. They can also help with competitor analysis, industry research, or market trends which is extremely important for staying up-to-date in the real estate business.

•             Bookkeeping

Though bookkeeping is a simple task it may become complicated and time-consuming with the growth of the business. Your real estate virtual assistant can help with the bookkeeping tasks by maintaining a list of expenses for supplies, fees to pay, license to renew, or marketing costs. With a virtual assistant by your side, you will not have to push bookkeeping to the bottom of the to-do list.

•             Get Reviews and Feedback

Everyone loves positive feedback from the client. In addition, it is an effective strategy that helps in business growth. It is the duty of a VA to make a list of closed transactions and ask the clients if they’d mind giving you feedback officially and unofficially. The feedback can also be used as a testimonial on the website. Virtual assistants also send cards and gifts to important clients to maintain a good relationship, which may result in referrals and good reviews.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate VA

Here’s a list of some perks you can enjoy by having a real estate virtual assistant by your side.

Better Work-Life Balance

Hard work and dedication are important for success. But, taking off and holidays is equally important as people get bored when they do the same work regularly. This rule applies to every profession and business including the real estate business. Finding some free time may be challenging because of constant phone calls and texts from people involved in the real estate business. But when you have virtual assistants by your side, you can free up time for yourself and your family, which ultimately helps you maintain a better work-life balance.

•             Find Qualified Leads

The most important aspect of the real estate business is generating leads, but it is a time-consuming task. This is where a virtual assistant can help you. The real estate virtual assistant can fill your pipeline with qualified leads that you only have to convert. It not only helps save your valuable time but also helps scale the business.

•             Increased Work Productivity

If you need desired results you should focus on activities that require your expertise rather than managing monotonous tasks. So, another benefit of hiring a real estate VA is that you get time to focus on the work you enjoy which improves work productivity. Also, a virtual real estate assistant act as an additional ‘salesperson’ who helps in generating leads, organizing listings, and keeping the prospects engaged.

•             Cost-Effective Option

Most virtual assistants are well-qualified so you don’t have to invest in their training. Since VA are on the payroll of the company you outsource to, you don’t need to worry about their insurance benefits, paid leaves, or sick days. In addition, it eliminates the infrastructure cost. You don’t need to invest in office space, computer, AC, or software to do the job.

Partner with GetCallers to hire the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real estate investors and real estate businesses who want more clients and sales can count on hiring real estate virtual assistants. With GetCallers, you don’t have to worry about payroll, additional office space, attendance system, or buying extra lunch for your new team member. Moreover, when you partner with get a reliable team for your business within your budget that can support your business growth.

English-speaking virtual assistants can set appointments and keep your calendar booked in Google, Outlook, Calendly, or any other service that you use. For real estate investors and real estate businesses who want more clients and more sales, virtual assistants can do cold calling.

From research to real estate marketing and following up with leads handling the business and other administrative work, VA can help with a wide range of tasks for as low as $5 per agent per hour. You can get in touch with us.

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