Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies In Boston

Mobile applications serve over four billion users globally. They are helping people perform most everyday tasks, from setting the alarm and looking up recipes, to purchasing the latest smartphone after numerous product comparisons.

You need a mobile app to capture the right audience. And not just any app; it should reflect your brand and fulfill your customers' needs. Not to mention, it must perform flawlessly and receive regular updates to stay on trend. In other words, you won’t want to miss out on such a massive user base.

All these requirements might seem burdensome, but luckily, you don’t have to handle them all alone. You can rely on a mobile app development company to help you build, assess, test, and launch an app that fulfills client expectations.

In this blog, we will mention the five most reputed and reliable mobile app development companies in Boston.

Why Boston? Because Boston is one of the most technologically influential cities and houses many experienced app solution providers, contributing to its image as an epicenter of innovation.

Knowing how to choose a mobile app development company is essential. However, you can refer to this list if you don’t know where to begin.


The first entry in this list, AppsChopper is a name synonymous with app development in the USA. This mobile app development company in Boston has been in the game for over a decade, with offices in Walpole and New York.

Their experience extends to iOS, Android, hybrid, and related app development technologies. Apart from this, the company has teams working on several emerging techs. These include AR/VR, wearables, IoT, AI, blockchain, Machine Learning, and digital wallets in mobile applications.

Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies is a mobile and web app development agency established in 2010. The company develops customized applications for a wide range of sectors, including on-demand services such as taxi booking, eCommerce, fleet management, etc.

Aside from iOS and Android app development, they work on UI/UX design, iPad, and web app development. They also offer to convert websites, spreadsheets, VB applications, and more into mobile applications.


Fueled is also among the companies that stand out in mobile app development. Founded in 2009, it offers digital transformation through a host of mobile app development services, including Android and iOS development. They provide app design for both startups and enterprises.

Zco Corporation

Zco is one of the oldest mobile app development companies out there. Founded over thirty years ago, this company is headquartered in Boston and New Hampshire, with a staff of over three hundred people.

They focus on building high-performing mobile apps for Android, iOS, iPad, and wearables. Some development technologies they work on include Swift, Kotlin, and React Native.


Another company founded in 2009, Zazz, offers a wide range of development solutions, from front-end to blockchain development. It also works on newer technologies for clients of varying scales and industries.

Clients can expect a higher return on investment if they hire them to build scalable, reliable, and secure mobile apps.

Final Thoughts

These are the five best options if you’re looking for mobile app development services in Boston. Don’t rush to decide; take your time, and explore each company’s website. Go over their portfolios, reviews, ratings, and other essential aspects to help you choose wisely.

The right company will understand your requirements and follow best practices to deliver the ideal mobile app. Remember that the work isn’t over with the app’s launch; it’s only begun. So, make sure your decision is based on what comes after coding as well.

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