Interior Designer In Navi Mumbai

Overnight success is rare in the Interior design industry. Most famous interior designers In Navi Mumbai have spent years working with clients, developing product lines, and building their brands.

Becoming a household name requires hustle—and lots and lots of media savvy. Today’s best-known Interior designers took a variety of roads to the top, but now can often be spotted gracing the covers of magazines with buzzy commissions and clients, or landing regular gigs on TV. Once they made it, they figured out how to capitalize on their success and expand their reach worldwide. While they each have specific specialties and styles, these Famous Interior designers In Navi Mumbai and architects have certainly left their mark on the industry, and continue to influence the way people live and decorate. Read on for Suddh News roundup of the most famous Interior designers In Navi Mumbai working today.

List of interior designers In Navi Mumbai

1. Inavit Modutech

We started importing kitchen appliances in 2010. After starting a retail store for furniture in 2012 at Mira road we opened a showroom at Mira-Bhayandar highway in 2014. Our showroom is equipped with cutting-edge new era Interior
designers In Mumbai
facilities and displays of the latest modular kitchens, Appliances, and other innovative products.

From 2012-2020 we have done many tie-ups with German companies like Hettich, BSH, etc to Indian companies like Woven-Gold, Kaff, Royal touhe, Veto switch gears, etc.

Contact Details

Address:  Shop no. 6, shree park, Mira Bhayandar Rd, opp. D-mart, near SBI, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401107
Phone Number: 9702773447
Email: [email protected]

2. Delecon ® Design Company

"We are enhancing more premium & economic modern Interior designing & Turnkey services. Delecon ® Design Company is formed with zeal to provide a better interior environment and our aim is to deliver the best designs to all of its reputed clients." We are a team of Architects & Interior designers who came together under one roof for outstanding delivery to achieve higher end results in Interior Designs.

Our services are truly based on Interior designers In Navi Mumbai & its execution. Our excellent working process executes a constructive path to take your project on a different level in functional designs.

Delecon ® Design Company established & practicing since 2008, formerly known as Delecon ® Design Company. The company has developed into an extremely efficient and effective practice that is very people orientated.

Delecon ® Design Company is now a rising turnkey consultant & a new standpoint of professionals platform to give their output & effort in Commercial, Residential & Hospitality Interior projects.

Contact Details

Address:  Haware Infotech Park ,Office No.1007, Sector-30A,Opp. Four Points Hotel, Vashi Navi Mumbai, 400703 Maharashtra
Phone Number: 2249697900
Email: [email protected]

3. Decor Design

The idea is not just to make sure that jaws drop when you invite your friends for the party; but our constant endeavor is to deliver to you a concept, a space that will become a permanent source of positive energy and enthusiasm. Ancient gurus weren’t wrong when they wrote down guidelines such as Feng-Shui and Vaastu. So, we believe that what is beautiful for one might not be even ‘okay’ for another.

Interior designers In Navi Mumbai is not just to impress your guests but also to ensure that when every morning you wake up; it convinces you to stay at home one more minute; and when you’re away from home, it makes you want to come back. That’s what we do. We make you want to come back home.

Contact Details

Address: Shop No. 02, Shama Amber, Plot No. 44C, Sector-35E, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - 410210.
Phone Number: 9867671456
Email: [email protected]

4. Glomax Interior

Glomax is specialized in the architecture interior & commercial designer & manufacture of modular office & kitchen furniture and cabinets. Glomax is comprehensively planned and stylish modular kitchen solutions from the house of kitchen world.

Glomax is specialized in the architecture interior & commercial designer & manufacture of modular office & kitchen furniture and cabinets. Glomax is comprehensively planned and stylish modular kitchen solutions from the house of kitchen world. Where kitchens don't just dazzle with style, but exemplify clever utilization of available space and offer a world of convenience too.

Contact Details

Address: Shop No. 2, Balaji Residency, Plot No. 52/53, Sector : 15, Near D-Mart, D Mart Rd, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210
Phone Number: 98709 49549
Email: [email protected]

5. Revival Arts

Revival Arts is a firm dedicated to Interior designers In Navi Mumbai and Turnkey contracting based in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. We are a team of professionals with over a decade of experience. Our principles of design are based on client's requirements and lifestyle along with the practical and aesthetical approach. We have clients from every walk of life.

Our work starts from the very grass root level of taking precise measurements with respect to structural details, putting it on to the paper with the proposed layout, followed by technical details pertaining to the design finalized.

We have in-house teams of experienced and skilled people to execute our designs. We at "Revival Arts" make sure that every penny you spend is justified and shows in the work executed The projects are completed with the precision of colour scheme, lighting scheme, artifacts to enhance each and every corner of the space, selection of upholstery/loose furniture in accordance with the décor.

Contact Details

Address: B1602, Yashaskaram CHS. Sector 27, Plot 39, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210
Phone Number: 93228 46602
Email: [email protected]

6. Bhakti Interioprop

I am a Civil Engineer. But I choose Interior designers In Navi Mumbai As my Career, as I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I wanted to pursue a career wherein, I meet New Clientele, Design Renovate Residential & Commercial Spaces. I wanted Freedom, Flexibility & Financial Independence.

I am a practicing Interior Designer & I prefer Turn Key Projects, as it gives me a Clear Canvas of Opportunities to Design & Execute a project, with playing me with jugglery or bargaining & setting my budgeting with respect of material selection, etc.

Contact Details

Address: Seawoods, Navi Mumbai 400706
Phone Number: 9082284529
Email: [email protected]

7. Holla Homes

Holla is expertise in creating interiors that fit your budget. HollaHomes completed interior design execution more than 50+ projects all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

In Mumbai growing minds need a lot of living spaces are becoming compact, having a dream home Mumbai seems to be a little difficult. All of dream of having a beautiful home. In such cases, HollaHomes helps you achieve this dream home interior on budget and affordable price.

Also Our space saving solutions personalisation which is tailored to each customer and provides more space utilisation, We designed especially for residents of Mumbai & Navi Mumbaikar. Every aspect of HollaHomes Interior designers In Navi Mumbai process is tailored to clients  their wants, their needs, their realities. Holla is intent listeners and diligent doers. We see opportunities and create solutions. We only Affordable interior designers in Navi mumbai and Mumbai.

Contact Details

Address: HollaHomes, Shop No 02, Bhagwati Bay Bliss, Sector 9, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 410206
Phone Number: 7718820188
Email: [email protected]

8. Rakesh Civil Contractor

We, Rakesh Civil Contractor at Ulwe in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, operate primarily in the fields of Interior designers In Navi Mumbai and painting contracting with a talented team of designers and painters. We have successfully conceptualized and completed the interior designs of numerous residential, commercial projects . We have completed some of the finest designs with the help of our renowned designers.

We also specialize in all kinds of residential and commercial repaints. We have set ourselves apart from other painting contractors in the market. We take pride in our craftsmanship, our quality assurance and track record of our ever lasting relationships with our esteemed customers.

Contact Details

Address: Shakti Avenue Plot No 81,Flat No 503, B Wing, 5th Floor ,Near Wahalgaon Sector 2,Sector 2, Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, 410206, Maharashtra
Phone Number: 9769288294
Email: [email protected]

9. City Interiors

City Interiors is an Interior designers In Navi Mumbai company that offers outstanding services in residential and workplace interior design. Based in Mumbai, City Interiors has provided some of the most appreciative designs in creating living space design.

We have a careful handpicked team that works closely with the clients to understand what they want and deliver designs that have left our clients pleasantly surprised with the outcome Our specialty lies in creating visually arresting designs keeping all the desires & needs of our clients in mind, so that you're not left viewing a pretty picture.

Contact Details

Address: Shop 10, Tirupati Corner CHS, Plot C1, Sector 12, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210
Phone Number: 99304 51177
Email: [email protected]

10. Example Interior designs

Example Interiors Pvt Ltd is a recognized and one of the Top 10 interior designers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai with expertise in residential interior designers, commercial interior designers, hospitality interior designer, playschool interior designers, hotels, and restaurant interior designers, bank interior designers, retail interior designers, and wonder projects. Example Interiors pvt Ltd has become a prominent expert within the industry.

The Example Interiors Group combines extraordinary skills and global experiences to make top architects in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai which will be leading edge or because the exceptionality of its Clients.  Example Interiors Pvt Ltd is often profiled in national magazines, books, and media outlets.

Example Interiors pvt ltd is committed to attaining the highest level of top architects in Navi Mumbai with a turnkey approach through Interior designers In Navi Mumbai services offered. Our adroit designers diligently engage in interior design projects having the initial concepts, quality furniture, and flawless item, material selections, document production, budgeting, always with precision, professionalism, attention to every detail, exceptional customer satisfaction service, and expert in project management skills.

Contact Details

Address: The Great Eastern Galleria, Office No. 212, First floor, plot no 20, sec 4, Nerul West, Navi Mumbai 400706
Phone Number: 9619752664
Email: [email protected]

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