Strategic Sourcing Recruitment Tools: What You Need to Know

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It is no secret that all modern recruiters use strategic sourcing recruitment tools and software to hire candidates. The recruiters who use these tools experience better hiring results, good quality hires, and reduced time-to-hire compared to other recruiters. Therefore, investing in recruitment software is crucial for businesses of all sizes and nature.

But it is necessary to dig the well to find water. By this, we mean to say that you should know how strategic sourcing recruitment tools work before you use them to boost hiring productivity. Luckily, you are at the right place! Here, we will discuss the strategic sourcing process and sourcing tools in detail.

What is strategic sourcing in recruitment?

Strategic candidate sourcing is a process in recruitment where hiring professionals use different recruitment market strategies to identify and find qualified candidates for their open roles. Professionals who develop sourcing strategies to attract candidates from various job platforms and channels are called talent sourcers.

Whatever the case is, the company succeeds in identifying potential candidates. That is because once the talent sourcers complete their job, they pass the candidates’ information, such as candidates’ names, job titles, skills, resumes, and more, to the HR manager or recruiter. Finally, the candidate sourcing process ends when the recruiter moves toward the next hiring steps. 

The next hiring steps are resume screening, candidate screening, assessments, and candidate interviews. Thus, we can say that strategic sourcing is a vital part of recruitment. Now, let us move further and address the next big question!

What are strategic sourcing recruitment tools?

Strategic sourcing recruitment tools are modern hiring tools designed using the latest technology and innovation. Recruiters use these tools to build a database of qualified candidates for their open positions. Sourcing tools are best for organizations that nurture both active and passive candidates. In other words, sourcing tools will best help companies that think about the future and maintain a vast candidate database.

Usually, companies use free candidate sourcing tools to get access to a potential pool of candidates even before posting the jobs. However, to use sourcing tools effectively, you must know what qualities to look for in the candidates. Only then can you use the tool to build a database of qualified candidates (even when you do not have current vacancies).

Imagine an employee in your company suddenly leaves the job. In this situation, you will spend many days searching for the right candidate as you have to start the hiring process from scratch. But you do not have to search for the right candidates if you are already nurturing a pool of qualified candidates. 

You can quickly shortlist and hire the most suitable candidate from your existing candidate database. Therefore, using strategic sourcing recruitment tools is the best way to save the time and energy you would otherwise spend on your long and hectic candidate sourcing process.

What is the need for strategic sourcing recruitment tools?

Besides reducing your workload and making applicant sourcing fast, simple, and efficient, sourcing tools can also help you reduce time-to-fill. Not only this, but it can also increase the chances of good-quality hires. Candidate sourcing is a subset of recruitment that offers many benefits if you use the right sourcing tool. Here are some of these benefits:

Improves hiring efficiency and accuracy

Although the strategic sourcing recruitment tool is capable of automating many hiring operations, candidate identification and information management are two crucial hiring operations that the software can automate and facilitate. Thus, you can easily rely on the sourcing software to handle all cumbersome tasks associated with sourcing and experience enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Makes hiring quick

The hiring process will be fast for all stakeholders since the sourcing tools automate different hiring responsibilities and help in the identification and engagement of qualified candidates. In addition, these tools also result in shorter fill times and faster sourcing in open positions.  

Offers seamless experience to candidates

As you know, talent sourcing tools allow recruiters to manage and store candidate information in one place. Not only this, but the tool also allows recruiters to track candidates. You can use these features to know more about the candidates and engage with them. This way, you can ensure that you offer a seamless experience to all the sourced candidates. 

Increases the chances of quality hires

The best strategic sourcing recruitment tool does not help you attract random candidates. Instead, it will only help you attract the most suitable candidates who will be a perfect match for your vacant job positions. Thus, relying on candidate-sourcing software is the best way to reduce the risk of hiring unqualified candidates. 

All these benefits prove that you can trust sourcing tools as it is a proper technology that can help you achieve great hiring results compared to other outdated hiring tools.

How do strategic sourcing recruitment tools work?

Now that we have familiarized you with the benefits of sourcing tools, you must be thinking about how these tools work. Usually, strategic sourcing recruitment tools allow you to identify or search qualified candidates based on different criteria like:

  • Professional skills necessary for the role.
  • Educational qualifications that the position demands.
  • Experience in working for the same job role or completing the same projects.
  • Your company’s recruitment strategies, hiring needs, and overall business goals.

Some of the best candidate sourcing tools specifically target candidates in specific fields. For example, some tools may entirely focus on candidates from the IT field. Thus, if you are looking for candidates with experience in a specific field, you can conveniently rely on these industry-specific sourcing tools. Moreover, you can apply various filters to narrow down your candidate search.How can you use a sourcing tool to fill your open roles?

Did you know? Active and passive candidates are often differentiated through many strategic sourcing recruitment tools in the US market. Yes, you read that right! The current active candidates are 30% of all candidates globally. Utilizing a sourcing tool, you can view candidates who are aggressively seeking new jobs and sieve those who do not have an interest in the proposed roles. 

However, it should be remembered for actually getting the most out of passive candidate sourcing platforms. This is because, even if they are not open to a new thing at the moment, building relationships with them will help you in the future. Consequently, when the passive candidates finally decide to consider a change in their jobs in the future, your firm will be at the top of their search.

What are the tips for choosing the best sourcing tool?

We presume that by now, you must have understood how strategic sourcing software works. However, you have to go through one more important step. This is so because your hiring strategies can only find use and deliver desired results with the right tool. So, here are some factors to consider while deciding which automated candidate sourcing tool will be the best for your company:

Consider customer support service

Lastly, choosing sourcing software that offers 24/7 customer support is the best decision. You can do this by selecting the right service provider who can understand your company’s unique sourcing needs. Moreover, the provider should offer you support and assistance whenever required.

Look for advanced features

You should check all the features of the strategic sourcing recruitment tool you are about to invest in. In other words, you must not hesitate to ask the software vendor about the tool’s features and functionalities. Ask for features such as accurate resume parsing, automated job postings, advanced reporting and analytics, and more.

Consider integration capabilities

Unless the integration of your strategic sourcing recruitment tool with your existing hiring software is enabled, you will face its failure to be integrated. Therefore, when choosing the tool to invest in, consider whether they have integration features. Finally, in addition to this, one should also assess the instrument’s compatibility with other platforms.

Check user-friendliness

Investing in a strategic sourcing recruitment tool that has an easy dashboard and features is always worth it. This is due to the fact that it is not just you who will use this tool but your entire recruitment team. Therefore, you must make sure that it does not take too much of the recruiting team and your time when figuring out what their tool can do.

Besides the above tips, you should remember that the best sourcing software does not need to be the right choice for you. Instead, the right sourcing software will be the one that can effectively satisfy your unique sourcing needs!

Conclusion: Strategic sourcing recruitment tools can help recruiters transform the hiring process today. Therefore, it means that investing in this new-age tool can be an investment that proves to be beneficial in the future. Don’t know what software to invest in? Try the ATS system by Pitch N Hire! This software not only helps you with the availability of candidates but also screens resumes and schedules interviews.

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