How to set your Data Science career in motion

Data Science extracts, analyses, visualizes and manages data to create insights for an organisation. These insights fundamentally help in strategizing businesses to take further steps or make strong changes to elevate the growth. Data science rooting from mathematics, statistics and computer science has the most viable prospects in the market today.

Data science as a prospective career

Data science makes use of structured and unstructured data, algorithms and highly complex statistical data. With a high level of skill, training and knowledge required for operating data; professionals of this field greatly benefit from specializing in a subject that can set them apart.

Highly employable

Data Science is a still-growing branch that is a highly employable career for job seekers. Few people have the skill set to perform the complex operations of data, this makes it a career with ample employment opportunities.


Data Science has a plethora of applications that are extensively used in industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and banking. Although it is versatile, data scientists specializing in these specific industries are scarce compared to its demand. This makes it a lucrative and well-paid career option.

Improves Data

Companies hire Data Scientists not only to analyse their data but also to enhance and enrich the data they already have. Data Scientists can provide expertise to do the best job in data analysis. Data Scientists also use the data optimally to develop better products that meet customer needs. This helps the company to develop in a targeted manner.

Data Science by BIA

Boston Institute of Analytics, an international organization provides the best data science course that gives training in different branches of Data Science to students and working professionals through classroom training conducted by industry experts.

The experts are professionals that impart the most sought after industry skills in the field of Data Science. Set your Data Science career into motion by taking the Data Science courses offered by BIA that ensures to proffer hands-on training to make individuals industry-ready.

The course has different modules of different levels to focus on.

The core module enables students to explore the field of Data Science by providing a deeper understanding of key concepts, which fuels a data-driven mindset. With the development of basic Data Science & Machine Learning skills, students will also be exposed to various tools & technologies like Python, MySQL, Power BI used by data scientists.

In the advanced module students gain insight into the advanced concepts of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Developing models along with validating, optimizing, and using these modelling techniques, learning advanced applications of machine learning with an emphasis on supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, and other advanced concepts in data science is an overview of the course outline in this module.

Along with these, BIA also offers guaranteed two-month internships and 100% placement support as per the curriculum.

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