Homeopathy Clinic In Surat

Nestled on the banks of the Tapi River, Surat, the Diamond City, is not just a thriving economic hub but also a city that embraces a rich cultural heritage. Amidst this dynamic tapestry, Homeopathy Clinics have emerged as sanctuaries of holistic healing. This article delves into the realm of Homeopathy in Surat, shedding light on the unique attributes that make these clinics an integral part of the city's healthcare mosaic.

In the sparkling Diamond City of Surat, where tradition meets innovation, Homeopathy Clinics stand as pillars of serene healing. With a commitment to personalized care, an innovative fusion of healing traditions, and a focus on community well-being, these clinics embody the spirit of Gujarat's rich cultural heritage. As Surat continues to evolve, Homeopathy Clinics play a pivotal role in nurturing the health and wellness of its residents, contributing to the city's narrative of sparkling and holistic healing.

1. Hariom Homeo

Hariom Homeo, Surat

Serving since 2000, Dr. Nitish Dubey comes from the second generation of Homeopath doctors. His reputed organization, Hariom Homeo Kalyanpur Patna Bihar is curing homeopathic science for more than 20 years. He has helped lakhs of patients overcome many chronic ailments and painful diseases. For instance, he is called the best Homoeopathic Doctor in North India for his treatment in Paralysis, Eruptions, Sexual and Physical Disorders, and Male & Female specific diseases.

Why is Dr. Nitish Dubey the first choice of many patients in Bihar and the rest of North India? His empathetic way of dealing with patients has assisted many open up about the issues. For the best quality homeopathic treatment, patients from different parts of the country come for the treatment. He has always been a part of intensive debates and discussions on topics about diseases related to nerves, bones, joints, and muscles

Contact Details:

Address : Hariom Homoeo Kalyanpur, Near Bikaner Sweets Boring Road, Patna, Bihar (800001)
Phone : +91-8877779973, +91-8877703687
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

2. Welling Homeopathy

Welling Homeopathy, Surat

Welling Clinics take pride in the quality of healthcare facilities they provide to all our stakeholders. Their quality management procedures are stringent and continuous feedback from their patients gives value-added inputs regarding the journey towards building a disease-free world through nature-friendly healthcare science – Homoeopathy.

They believe in delivering results in the quickest possible time, thus changing the general concept of Homoeopathy in the minds of the general public, as being a too slow and long-drawn process. In the process of giving quickest results, They also maintain stringent quality in our procedures, so as the results are permanent and our patients become healthier in the process.

Contact Details:

Address: 302, Third Floor, Green Elina, Anand Mahal Rd, Near Sneh Sankul, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009
Phone :  8080 850 950
Email : [email protected]

3. Dr. Batra's

Dr. Batra's, Surat

Considered as one of the top Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai, Dr. Batra specializes in Homeopathy for the cure of many diseases. They believe that a job is not simply about getting to office every day, finishing routine stuff by the end of the day and then packing off without any take-home feeling. They believe that this is the place where you spend most of your waking time so why not make it worthwhile! That is why we take all the care to see that you get the best while you give your best at your job at Dr. Batra's.

Contact Details:

Address : Shop No B1, Laxminarayan Apartment Ghordore Road, near Ram Chowk, Surat, Gujarat
Phone : 9033001642
Website :

4. Harmony homoeopathy

Harmony homoeopathy, Surat

Primary motto of Harmony homoeopathy is "A patient care". A patient seeks diagnosis of his sickness from a doctor whose unique method is so efficacious that it increases the healing rate of patient. Being aware of this fact, we firmly believe in maintaining standard and so we are here to serve our gold standard approach of homoeopathic treatment. Harmony Homoeopathy is not just the clinic but the place where patient can really get the diagnosis from doctors who are master in their particular science.

We believe that every human living into society consists of unique physical and mental characteristics and hence we give equal respect to such great creation of nature that is a human. We involve our self into patient's cause of suffering, we listen, we study the case, find the reasons of disease and from the root.

We try to analyze the reason and symptoms of disharmonious state of our patients. By applying our best practice and integrating all the possible causes, we prescribe the suitable homoeopathic medicine and put our all efforts to bring patient's health to his normal harmonious state.

Contact Details:

Address : M-80, Second floor, Shreeji Arcade, Anand Mahal Road, Behind Bhulka Bhavan, Adajan, Surat-395009, Gujarat
Phone : 9376577704
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

5. Similia The Classical Homeopathy Clinic

Similia The Classical Homeopathy Clinic, Surat

Dr. Munjal Thakar, He is a top-ranking graduate from Mumbai University & a postgraduate from Sardar Patel University.
His entry into homeopathy was a sheer accident, just like many accidents that happen to all of us! But within, each accident lies seeds of opportunity. It is here in homeopathy he saw a huge opportunity to be an agent of change in people’s life. In his career spanning over 16 years he has made a constant endeavour to achieve this- healing people not only bodily but going deep into the being of his patients – scientifically comprehending their repetitive unhealthy patterns & correcting them with his profound insight into the subject of Homeopathy & Medicine.

Contact Details:

Address : 413 Sunrise Mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
Phone : 9227926514
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

6. Dr. Ramani Homeopathy

Dr. Ramani Homeopathy, Surat

Dr. Suresh Ramani, M.D. (Homeopathy) is practicing in Surat, (Gujarat) India since 1996.
+ Dr. Suresh Ramani is famous Homoeopathic physician.
+ He is hardcore researcher & promoter of homeopathy and strongly believes in yoga pranayama & changes of diet. This unique integrated approach brings early relief from suffering & patient gets long lasting cure.
+ We are serving in field of Homoeopathy since 1996.
+ We have made Homoeopathic treatment popular among all classes in community.
+ Our goal is to provide Homeopathic treatment to maximum people at reasonable charge.

Contact Details:

Address : 1st Floor, Ashirwad Chamber, B/H Paras Police Chowki,
Katargam Road, Surat- 395004.
Phone : +91-73830 81000
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

7. Jash Homoeopathy

Jash Homoeopathy, Surat

Jash Homeopathy, nestled in the vibrant city of Surat, stands as a beacon of holistic healing and wellness. Founded with a mission to provide effective and natural healthcare solutions, Jash Homeopathy has garnered a reputation for excellence in the realm of homeopathic medicine.

Located in the heart of Surat, Jash Homeopathy's clinic offers a serene and welcoming environment where patients can embark on their journey to better health. The clinic's team of experienced and compassionate homeopathic practitioners is dedicated to understanding each patient's unique needs and crafting personalized treatment plans that address the root causes of their ailments.

What sets Jash Homeopathy apart is its commitment to evidence-based practices and the highest standards of care. With a focus on continual research and development, the clinic stays abreast of the latest advancements in homeopathic medicine to ensure that patients receive the most effective treatments available.

At Jash Homeopathy, patients can find relief for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, including allergies, skin disorders, respiratory ailments, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and more. Whether it's a nagging cold or a complex chronic illness, the clinic's holistic approach aims to not only alleviate symptoms but also restore balance and vitality to the body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to its clinical services, Jash Homeopathy is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to take charge of their health and well-being. Through educational workshops, seminars, and community outreach programs, the clinic strives to raise awareness about the benefits of homeopathic medicine and promote a holistic approach to healthcare.

Contact Details:

Address : 204, SADGURU PLAZAVed Roadbeside KAMLABA HOSPITALSurat, Gujarat 395004India
Phone : 099985 83343
Email Id :
Website :

8. Homoeopathy forever hospital

Homoeopathy forever hospital, Surat

I took my 4-year-old son to the homeopathic hospital for his hyperactivity. I must say, I am extremely impressed with the results we received after his treatment. The doctors at the hospital were very knowledgeable and took the time to understand my son's condition and needs. After getting the homeopathic medication, my son has seen a remarkable improvement in his hyperactivity.

He has become more focused and is able to concentrate better, which has made a huge difference in his daily activities. I am grateful to the doctors at the homeopathic hospital for their excellent care and attention to detail.

Overall, I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone looking for effective and natural treatment options. The level of care provided is top-notch, and the results are truly remarkable. I would give the homeopathic hospital a 5-star rating for their excellent service and the incredible improvement my son has experienced.

I only heard about miracles before visiting Homoeopathy forever hospital, but witnessed one while getting treated there. The beauty is not only the issue which is addressed is cured but other health issues also gets cured. This is holistic treatment methodology. I would strongly recommend taking homeopathic treatment for any health issue, even if it's acute one. Thanks a lot Dr. Pankaj Lakhani for the detailed guidance.

Contact Details:

Address : 311-312 Paltinum Point, Oppo. CNG pump, Mota Varachha Surat, Gujarat-394101
Phone : +917048224242
Email Id :  [email protected]
Website :

9. Sattva

Sattva, Surat

Homeopathy is a medical science introduced by a German scientist Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, in 1794 and it has been in practice all over Europe, the US, Australia, most parts of Asia, middle and far East, and India. It is the most practiced Alternative System of Medicine in the world today.

Homeopathy, more interestingly, works effectively especially for Chronic and recurring diseases, which are many. Just to name only a few, in random order, migraine, colds, allergies, auto-immune diseases, diseases of the joints, muscles and nerves, metabolic diseases, and more.

Homeopathy stands out distinct as compared to other modes of treatment by its fundamental principles directed towards treating diseases at the root level, by addressing the multiple causative factors such as genetic, immunological, metabolic, hormonal, emotional and the like. As a result, the diseases are treated in totality rather than in parts or as entities separate from the 'whole' of the individual patient. In that sense, homeopathic science believes in the 'holistic' approach.

Interestingly, the homeopathic medicines are also prepared in such a sophisticated way that rather than using harsh chemicals for treating humans, homeopathy uses attenuated and 'potentized' medicine substances which are in the form of nano-particles, which have been found to be effective in treating the diseases at much deeper level.

And, needless to say, the homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe and free from adverse effects. They are safe for even new-born babies as well as during pregnancy, and for elderly patients.

Contact Details:

Address : 307, Marcelo Business Park,Opp Shyam Mandir, VIP Road, Vesu, Surat.
Phone : +91-97129-13585
Email Id :  [email protected]
Website :

10. Vatsalya Homeopathy

Vatsalya Homeopathy, Surat

Vatsalya is a centre where you find best and internationally acclaimed experienced Dr in Surat. It’s a place where you find solutions for your each and every health complaints from your kids to grandy. A place where people keep faith and trust in intelligence of doctor.

Dr.Prachi Shah is a dynamic homeopath, graduated from CD Pachchigar Homeopathic Medical College, Surat, India and had upgraded herself by PG Hom. Course from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London. Dr. Prachi Shah’s zest emerged a ray of passion to learn Homeopathic way of healing since she was in her early college days.

She is a young, sincere, dedicated, person, and an ardent follower of homoeopathy, always eager to search and upgrade her knowledge by taking motivation from seniors.”

After working in field of child psychiatry since last 5 years, she ventured into psychiatry subject where she explored herself on the topic of stress and finally had authored a thesis- “Scope of Homeopathy in Stress management” under the guidance of Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma (UK).

Adding to her jar of knowledge she had done “Repertory Series” from The Other song Institute, Mumbai.

Our prime aim at Vatsalya Homeopathy is clearly represented in its symbol. With our immense care and dedication, we are always on our toes to make you - a healthy, innocent you like a dove; free from all your long lasting sufferings and pains under name of any deemed disease.

Vatsalya homeopathy is thriving with the vision to make maximum people experience unique world class treatment by safest healing of homeopathy all across the globe.

Contact Details:

Phone :  +917984355380
Email Id :  [email protected]/
Website :

List your Homepathy Clinic

Surat, a bustling metropolis on the banks of the Tapi River, is not only renowned for its vibrant culture and bustling textile industry but also for its growing embrace of alternative healthcare practices. Among these, homeopathy stands out as a beacon of natural healing and holistic wellness, with a multitude of clinics offering personalized care and effective treatments tailored to individual needs.

Homeopathy, founded on the principle of "like cures like," operates on the belief that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in someone who is unwell, when administered in highly diluted doses. Surat boasts a rich tapestry of homeopathy clinics, each contributing to the city's healthcare landscape in its unique way.

One prominent name in Surat's homeopathic community is "HealWell Homeopathy Clinic," situated in the bustling area of Athwa. Led by a team of experienced and empathetic practitioners, HealWell is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for a wide range of ailments, from chronic conditions to acute illnesses. With a patient-centric approach, the clinic offers individualized treatment plans, integrating traditional homeopathic remedies with modern diagnostic techniques to achieve optimal results.

Venture further into Surat, and you'll encounter "Natura Homeopathy Clinic," nestled in the tranquil neighborhood of Adajan. Founded with a vision to promote wellness through natural means, Natura offers a serene sanctuary where patients can embark on their healing journey. The clinic's holistic approach encompasses not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional well-being, fostering a sense of balance and harmony in every aspect of life.

In the heart of Surat's commercial hub lies "Harmony Homeopathy Clinic," a beacon of healing for the city's busy professionals and residents alike. With a focus on preventive care and lifestyle management, Harmony emphasizes the importance of fostering a healthy mind-body connection to ward off illness and promote longevity. Through personalized consultations and ongoing support, the clinic empowers individuals to take charge of their health and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

As Surat continues to evolve and grow, so too does its healthcare landscape, with homeopathy clinics playing an increasingly vital role in meeting the diverse needs of its residents. From traditional remedies to cutting-edge therapies, these clinics offer a spectrum of options for those seeking natural and effective alternatives to conventional medicine.

Moreover, homeopathy clinics in Surat are not just places of healing but also hubs of education and community engagement. Through workshops, seminars, and outreach programs, these clinics strive to raise awareness about the benefits of homeopathic medicine and empower individuals to make informed choices about their health.

, homeopathy clinics in Surat represent more than just healthcare providers—they are pillars of wellness and advocates for holistic living in the community. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep-seated belief in the power of natural healing, these clinics continue to nurture wellness and inspire hope in the hearts of Surat's residents.

FAQ on Homeopathy, Surat

What is homeopathy, and how does it differ from conventional medicine?

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine based on the principle of "like cures like." It uses highly diluted natural substances to stimulate the body's innate healing abilities, whereas conventional medicine often relies on pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms.

Are homeopathy clinics in Surat regulated and licensed?

Yes, homeopathy clinics in Surat are regulated by the relevant authorities and practitioners are licensed to practice homeopathic medicine. They adhere to standards set by the government to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

What conditions can be treated at a homeopathy clinic in Surat?

Homeopathy clinics in Surat offer treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, including allergies, respiratory disorders, digestive issues, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, and more.

How are homeopathic remedies prescribed?

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on the principle of individualization, where the practitioner considers the unique symptoms, constitution, and emotional state of each patient. Remedies are selected to match the totality of symptoms.

Are homeopathic treatments safe for children and pregnant women?

Yes, homeopathic treatments are generally safe for children, pregnant women, and individuals of all ages. They are non-toxic and free from side effects, making them suitable for sensitive populations.

How long does it take to see results from homeopathic treatment?

The timeframe for seeing results from homeopathic treatment varies depending on the individual, the nature of the condition, and other factors. Some patients may experience improvement within days or weeks, while others may require longer-term treatment.

Can homeopathy be used alongside conventional medicine?

Yes, homeopathy can complement conventional medicine and be used alongside it. Many patients choose to integrate homeopathic treatment with conventional therapies to enhance their overall health and well-being.

Do homeopathy clinics in Surat offer teleconsultation services?

Some homeopathy clinics in Surat may offer teleconsultation services, allowing patients to consult with practitioners remotely for convenience and accessibility.

How can I find a reputable homeopathy clinic in Surat?

You can find reputable homeopathy clinics in Surat by researching online, reading reviews, asking for recommendations from friends or family, and verifying the credentials of practitioners.

Are homeopathic treatments covered by health insurance?

Health insurance coverage for homeopathic treatments may vary depending on the insurance provider and policy. It's advisable to check with your insurance company regarding coverage options for alternative medicine treatments like homeopathy.

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