Homeopathy Clinic In Karnataka

Nestled in the southern part of India, Homeopathy Clinic In Karnataka is a state known for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant cities. Amidst the dynamic environment and cultural diversity, Homeopathy Clinics have established themselves, offering a gentle and holistic approach to healthcare. This article explores the realm of Homeopathy in Karnataka, unveiling the unique aspects that make these clinics an integral part of the state's healthcare narrative.

In the Garden of India, where tradition meets innovation, Homeopathy Clinic In Karnataka stand as symbols of holistic healing. With a commitment to personalized care, an innovative fusion of healing traditions, and a focus on community well-being, these clinics embody the spirit of Karnataka's cultural richness. As Karnataka continues to thrive as a hub of technology and tradition, Homeopathy Clinics play a pivotal role in nurturing the health and wellness of its residents, contributing to the state's narrative of cultural diversity and holistic living.

1. Homoeopathi Clinic

Homoeopathi Clinic, Karnataka

We, Homoeopathic Clinic Dr. Rubina Shaikh, situated at Udupi, Karnataka provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and help them to get rid of the problem through which they are suffering from. Our objective is to deal with various health problems encountered by number of people. We are very proficient in our service. Our clinic has achieved eminence in this industry because of our client’s belief and trust.

We excel in providing variety of therapies for clients who wish to pursue alternative mediacations. Homeopathy is an effective and safe cure for any ailment. Visit our clinic for the best homeopathy treatment. We are highly trained and experienced doctors, specialising in homeopathy treatment.

With years of experience in treating patients with different allergies, our homeopathy doctors have got a hand on treating all types of allergies and condition in which a person loses hair as the immune system mistakenly attacks their hair follicles. We provide the best Homeopathy treatment for this. We also provide the treatment for problem of acne once in their lifetime. Avail homeopathy treatment from our experienced doctors.

Eczema causes the skin to become irritated. For a complete diagnosis of Eczema book an appointment quickly.

Contact Details

Address:- Nanda Commercial Complex, Mezzanine Floor,Opposite Tulunadu Tower,Court Road, Udupi, Karnataka 576101
Contact number:- +91-9886920949
Email:- [email protected]

2. Dr Batra’s® homeopathic clinic 

 Dr Batra’s® homeopathic clinic, Karnataka

Dr Batra’s® homeo clinic near me in 5th Ward, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar offers long-lasting relief from health problems by using the natural, German science of homeopathy. Our expertise in holistic treatment gives you more than just short-term remedies. We provide an alternative approach for your condition so it does not come back again!

Have you been struggling with your health? Dr Batra’s® homeopathic clinic near me in 5th Ward, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar offers natural remedies that provide long-term relief from the health problems – all without any side-effects whatsoever.

You can visit Dr Batra’s® homeopathic hair clinic in 5th Ward, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar for the best hair fall treatment. Our homeopathy specialists provide tailor-made hair fall treatments to provide maximum benefits. Our homeopathic hair doctors conduct a painless video microscopy test.

This test magnifies the hair follicles and scalp up to 200 times. This helps to comprehend the extent and cause of hair fall. Dr Batra’s® hair clinic offers natural and side-effect-free hair treatment in 5th Ward, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar. We have 15 lakh happy hair patients.

Contact Details

Address:- No. 482/1/4, 9th Division, 4th Main Rd, near Ram & Co Circle, 5th Ward, Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, Davanagere, Karnataka 577002
Contact number:- 070450 00666
Email:- [email protected]

3. Lybrate 

Lybrate, Karnataka

Lybrate is the best way to seek medical help. To make it seamless and smooth, we beat onerous challenges every day to ensure easy access to doctors for billion people, creating an experience that is truly magical for both healthcare experts and users. You can ask queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors on payment of fees online. Using your ubiquitous mobile phone, you can anonymously communicate with doctors from various specialties.

The Health Feed from healthcare experts aims to keep you healthy and fit. If that is not all, you can find a doctor nearby, check doctor's profile and book an appointment too. Through this doctors grow their outreach to patients across the country, by interacting with them. They not only get thanked by those whom they help out but also get recommended by peers. This increases their popularity in the online community and in the medical fraternity.

This is highly evolved and easy-to-use practice management software. It enables doctors to manage information for one or more clinics. Doctors can be in touch with their patients and manage their practice on the go with Lybrate app.

Today, stumbling blocks in healthcare delivery are inaccessibility and unaffordability, not crunch of doctors. Finding the solution in technology, we are tapping its potential to make healthcare incredibly accessible.

We love to solve intricate problems, face new challenges and beat them up in no time. We are investing in the future. We value openness, transparency, knowledge and agree to disagree to not just create a user-friendly healthcare platform, but also an environment our employees love.

Contact Details

Address:- Shop#16, Sy.209, Nirmala Vidyalaya Rd, near Trillium Apartments, next to the "Y" junction, Gattahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099
Contact number:-  099616 10748
Email:- [email protected]

4. Namma Homeopathy

Namma Homeopathy, Karnataka

Homeopathic Treatment is an Age-Old natural medications totally for you and your family/ of all ages. The medicines are created from fine particles extracted from plants, animals or minerals suspended in distilled water or spirit. The essence of the medicine is very effective and strengthens the body, mind and heart with the aim of triggering the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Namma Homeopathy practices these ancient discoveries of medicines which are further researched through scientific methods to provide a effective solutions for all, seeking relief from health issues and diseases. The positive health effects and comprehensive benefits have ensured homeopathic treatment at Namma Homeopathy as one of the most premium health-care system of alternative medicine for all health ailments.

Our vision is to bring homeopathy into the mainstream of natural medicine by research, scientific application and practice. Our basics are to meet the health needs of the people providing high quality, comprehensive healthcare to all and strive to be a premier health care therapy for all lifestyle illness of everyday life.

We value working together for patients health with Integrity, Honesty & Dedication. We are committed to quality of care, compassion & improving lives inspired by the natural well-being combined with nature’s life force and the environment. We follow the “The Law of Similars” (“Like Cures Like”) and practice it.

Our mission is to secure world-class health care solution and deliver easily accessible homeopathic services with minimal side effects and complete mental, physical and spiritual well-being of each individual. We will also strive to be the pioneers of homeopathy and offer best preventive medication and spread the benefits of homeopathy to a larger demography of patients at an affordable cost.

Contact Details

Address:- Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Contact number:- +91-9900091777
Email:- [email protected]

5. Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic

Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic, Karnataka

Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic has been curing diseases and providing counselling since a decade. We believe that every patient who comes to us, is coming to us with a hope that if homeopathy can help, then , Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic is ideally the best place to consult. We believe that the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration.

Our Doctor, Mr.Mahesh Waghannavar has over a decade of practical experience in the field of Homeopathy. We have successfully cured complex cases which have led us to an amazing patient cure success rate at our clinic. We have specialised experience in curing complex diseases such as infertility, Psoriasis, Depression, etc.

We believe that every patient who comes to us, is coming to us with a hope that if homeopathy can help, then , Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic is ideally the best place to consult. We believe that the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, without any side effects on easily comprehensible principles.

Wellness Homoeopathy Clinic is Belgaum's best homeopathic clinic, where we are combining homeopathy, with an individualized and counselling techniques, where ever it is required.

Dr. Mahesh Waghannavar completed his graduation in homeopathy from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore. During his graduation, he had a keen interest in studying and analyzing various patient cases from various departments like medicine, dermatology, psychiatric, pediatric, OBG & gynecology, and surgery from Government Civil Hospital, Belgaum.

Dr. Mahesh Waghannavar is a consulting homeopathic physician practicing constitutional homeopathy for the past 10 years. He has been curing and helping patients across the nation as well as abroad. He has successfully cured various complex cases like infertility, psoriasis, anxiety, phobia, depression, and asthma.

Contact Details

Address:- Shop no. 1642, 1st Floor, Saikrupa building, Ansurkar Galli, near nucleus mall, Raviwar Peth, Belagavi, Karnataka 590001
Contact number:-  081975 46505
Email:- [email protected]

6. Homeocare International

Homeocare International, Karnataka

Homeopathy is the most trusted natural form of medicine that till date is being used by millions of people worldwide. Homeopathy runs on the objective that “the body can cure itself,” and with this particular idea, Dr. Srikant Morlawar, an eminent homeopath started Homeocare International, a chain of homeopathy clinics spread in and across South India.

Homeocare International comes forward with a holistic approach to treat patients with personalized Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment that serves to be far better than the conventional treatments. It consists of top and well experienced group of Homeopathic doctors who happen to be experts in their particular line of fields.

My medical profession started with the passion to better the lives of the people. Throughout my initial days of practice I’ve felt immense satisfaction deep in my heart for choosing the profession of a physician. Years passing by, the urge in me to serve broader section of the society grew stronger and with this zeal, I found this institution Homeocare International that treats its patients with the utmost care and personalized homeopathic treatments and shall have a great impact on their health and lives

As they say, Fortune favors the brave, I feel very fortunate to say that I have a solid team of expert homeopathy doctors and dedicated support staff that had my back and supported me and my vision.  It aims at treating a person as a whole and believes that when a person gets sick, his whole body, mind, and spirit gets affected. Homeopathy Treatment strengthens body’s immune system to fight against diseases.

Contact Details

Address:- PB Rd, opp. Hosur Bus Stand, Hosur, Vidya Nagar, Hubballi, Karnataka 580021
Contact number:-   1800 102 2202
Email:- [email protected]

7. Ms Homeopathic Clinic

 Ms Homeopathic Clinic, Karnataka

Dr Munnavvar Shaikh is The Owner and Senior Renowned Homeopathic Doctor, Bach Flower Therapist and Counselor at M.S Homoeopathic Medical Centre, Koramangala, Bangalore with a rich experience of clinic practice , mentoring and hiring of 25 plus years. Alumni of A M Shaikh HMC. 

Our mission is to provide you with personalized, high-quality care. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health through preventative care and treating acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy doctor Best homeopathic doctor Family practice physician.

We will do our best to treat all of your chronic disease conditions which have been bothering a person for more than a year ,at times running into decades.

 Polycystic ovaries, Infertility, in both males and females,  Infections, ED issues, Sperm count, motility issues. Pneumonia, Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, Pharyngitis Gastritis, Ulcers, GERD, Reflux  esophagitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Fatty liver, Hepatitis, Piles, Fissures, Fistula in ano, Renal calculi, Urinary incontinence aricose veins, Arthritis Lyme disease,  Acne, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Eczema, Dermatitis, Warts, DPN, Pigmentation,  Hair fall, Hair thinning, Alopecia Areata, Balding Migraine, Headaches, Musculoskeletal problems like Osteoarthritis, Osteopenia, Spondylitis, Neuralgias, Carpel tunnel syndrome,  Costochondritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gouty arthritis , Paralysis, Parkinsonism.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Lifestyle diseases Varicocele, ED issues Early healing of fractures ,injuries, Sport injuries Cysts, Ganglions, Abscesses, Diabetic wounds, Bed sores, Anxiety, Depression, Stress. ADHD, Learning disablities in Children, Delayed milestones in childrenMost of the Autoimmune disorders and psychosomatic disorders do require years of treatment. 

 We need your cooperation too in helping us to help you get rid of your illness and restore you back to your normal health by following our advise and having an open mind and willingness to change yourself to a better you.

Contact Details

Address:- No. 580, 1st floor, 6th F Cross Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Contact number:- 91-9741711897
Email:- [email protected]

8. MultiCare Homeopathy

MultiCare Homeopathy, Karnataka

Homeopathy treatment needs a lot of experiences. Dr.Satapathy’s has long experience in homeopathic treatment. Though homeopathy is well known to everyone in India but still there are many countries that don't have any detail knowledge about its safe, side effects free healing effect.

So our sole intension and mission is to spread this beautiful therapy to each and every part of the world and with that intension we are working day and night and till date thousands and thousands of patients both of critical and non critical diseases have already been benefited by our unique mode of treatment and living a very healthy life. We have patients in all over the world.

We are one of the renounce homeopathy treatment centers who offer a scientific and advanced way of homeopathy treatment to his all patients. Advanced in the sense adopting both classical and clinically verified approach of treatment to the patient.

Every science has its own scope and limitation so homeopathy does have also. There are many chronic disorders like allergies, age related degenerative disorders, auto immune disorders, life style diseases where there is no curative treatment of approach in conventional treatment, but our advanced homeopathy treatment can help those case a lot. We apply both the classical and clinical way of treatment.

Homeopathy aims at stimulating the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system. The psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system can be defined as the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous-immune systems of the human body. A healthy state of body, mind and spirit can be defined as the equilibrium of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system.

Contact Details

Address:- Multicare Homeopathy Treatment Center, No.713, 27th Cross Rd., B Block, AESC Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560068
Contact number:- +91 96322 85972, +91 79783 10147
Email:- [email protected]

9. Channama Homeopathy Clinic

Channama Homeopathy Clinic, KARNATAKA

Channama Homeopathy Clinic is one of the leading homeopathy clinics in Dharwad with branches in Kalaburgi and Chikkodi. With a remarkable success rate in treating all kinds of diseases and ailments. Channama Homeopathy Clinic is considered one of the most trusted and offers its services to hundreds of patients on daily basis.

Dr. Sunilkumar Sajjan is a self-motivated, kind-hearted and ambitious person, whose pioneering efforts have contributed to a healthy society. Dr. Sunilkumar Sajjan aims to spread homeopathy by providing the best service and making it affordable and accessible to everyone.

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old therapeutic system that uses small doses of various substances to stimulate autoregulatory and self-healing processes. Homeopathy selects substances by matching a patient’s symptoms with symptoms produced by these substances in healthy individuals.

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health, and has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, and it is very affordable, is made from natural substances, and is FDA regulated.

Homeopathic medicines – known as “remedies” – are made from natural sources, and are environmentally friendly. They are given in such small doses that they don’t cause side effects.

llopathic is based on drugs. Fighting bacteria and chemicals that cause distress with drugs. It is scientific in the sense that it investigates, discovers medicines and discards them when four useless or harmful. It is very much in the process of growth. Modern scientific tools are very helpful. Overuse of drugs and methods at times create more problems than it solves. Allopathy used drugs, can have side effects, not always insignificant.

Contact Details

Address:- 1st Floor, Mahaveer Plaza, Tikare Road, Dharwad, KARNATAKA
Contact number:- 08792698108 
Email:- [email protected]/

10. Positive Homeopathy

Positive Homeopathy, KARNATAKA

With a legacy of 25 years, Positive Homeopathy aims to provide safe and natural remedies that promote overall health and wellness. We offer holistic care to all our patients and we got recognised as one of the best centers in India with multiple branches for Homeopathic treatment. If you are looking for the best homeopathy hospital near me, then Positive Homeopathy is the end to your long search.

Choose Positive Homeopathy for the highest standard of care and start your journey to a healthier, happier life today. The primary objective of Positive Homeopathy is to deliver the best practices of homeopathic treatment to the patients. We at positive homeopathy treats and relieves the sufferings using Constitutional Homeopathy which was Founded by Samuel Hahnemann.

The clinics are organized, the treatment is individualized and health, happiness, and well-being are cherished by our patients. Right to Health is at higher stakes at Positive Homeopathy Clinics with easy access and to Expert doctors who are Trained and Cured in numerous cases using Constitutional and Predective Homeopathy Techniques.

First-class medical care benefits are experienced by the patients at Positive Homeopathy in getting constitutional homeopathic treatment along with computerised advance treatment methods. We also educate patients to maintain the best of their health during and after the treatment procedure as prevention is always better than cure and being healthy begins with prevention.

As one of the leading homeopathy healthcare provider in clinics as well as through online treatment, immense care is taken in gathering patient’s disease condition, advising required essential diagnostic procedures and educating the science of homeopathy to the patients. As we grow, we take responsibility to extend our support and medical expertise to the general public for which regular seminars and medical camps on homeopathy are conducted.

Contact Details

Address:- 13-10-1267/2, Prakash Beedi Compound, Navbharat Circle, KSR Road, Kodailbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003
Contact number:- 089515 02888
Email:- [email protected]

Homeopathy Clinic In Karnataka, Karnataka

Homeopathy, a system of alternative medicine based on the concept of "like cures like," has deep roots in Karnataka, one of India's culturally rich and diverse states. Over the years, homeopathy has gained significant popularity and acceptance among the people of Karnataka, becoming an integral part of the state's healthcare system.

Historical Perspective: The practice of homeopathy in Karnataka traces its origins back to the 19th century when it was introduced by European missionaries and practitioners. Since then, it has evolved and flourished, with Karnataka becoming a hub for homeopathic education, research, and practice.

Government Support: The Karnataka state government has played a crucial role in promoting and supporting homeopathy. Various initiatives have been undertaken to integrate homeopathy into the mainstream healthcare system. Government-run homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to the people across the state.

Education and Training: Karnataka boasts several prestigious homeopathic medical colleges and institutions that offer comprehensive education and training programs. These institutions follow rigorous academic standards and provide students with hands-on clinical experience under the guidance of experienced practitioners. The quality of education and training in homeopathy in Karnataka is recognized nationally and internationally.

Research and Innovation: Homeopathic research centers and laboratories in Karnataka are actively engaged in conducting research studies to explore the efficacy and mechanism of action of homeopathic remedies. The state has been at the forefront of innovative research in homeopathy, contributing significantly to the global body of knowledge in this field.

Integration with Conventional Medicine: In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the complementary nature of homeopathy with conventional medicine. Many healthcare facilities in Karnataka now offer integrated healthcare services, where homeopathy is used alongside allopathic treatment modalities to provide holistic care to patients.

Popularity and Acceptance: The popularity of homeopathy in Karnataka can be attributed to its gentle approach, minimal side effects, and holistic principles. Many people prefer homeopathy for chronic conditions, preventive healthcare, and maintaining overall well-being. The trust and confidence of the people in homeopathy have led to its widespread acceptance and adoption across all sections of society.

Challenges and Opportunities: Despite its widespread acceptance, homeopathy in Karnataka faces certain challenges, including the need for greater research funding, regulation of quality standards, and integration with the broader healthcare system. However, these challenges also present opportunities for further growth and development in the field.

Homeopathy has established itself as an integral part of Karnataka's healthcare landscape, providing safe, effective, and holistic healthcare solutions to its people. With continued support from the government, advancements in education, research, and integration with conventional medicine, homeopathy in Karnataka is poised for further expansion and success in the years to come.

FAQ on Homeopathy in karnatka, karnatka

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine based on the principle of "like cures like," where a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person is used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted substances derived from plants, minerals, or animals.

How popular is homeopathy in Karnataka?

Homeopathy is quite popular in Karnataka, with a significant number of people opting for homeopathic treatment for various health conditions. The state boasts a rich tradition of homeopathy, with numerous homeopathic hospitals, clinics, and practitioners serving the population.

Are there government-run homeopathic facilities in Karnataka?

Yes, the Karnataka state government operates several homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries across the state, providing affordable healthcare services to the public. These facilities offer consultation, treatment, and medicines free of cost or at subsidized rates.

Can I pursue a career in homeopathy in Karnataka?

Absolutely! Karnataka is home to several prestigious homeopathic medical colleges and institutions that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in homeopathy. These institutions provide quality education and training, enabling students to pursue rewarding careers as homeopathic doctors.

Is homeopathy integrated with conventional medicine in Karnataka?

Yes, there is increasing recognition of the complementary nature of homeopathy with conventional medicine in Karnataka. Many healthcare facilities now offer integrated healthcare services, where homeopathy is used alongside allopathic treatment modalities to provide holistic care to patients.

Are there any research initiatives in homeopathy in Karnataka?

Yes, Karnataka is actively involved in homeopathic research, with several research centers and laboratories conducting studies to explore the efficacy and mechanism of action of homeopathic remedies. The state has made significant contributions to the body of knowledge in homeopathy through innovative research initiatives..

Are homeopathic remedies regulated in Karnataka?

Yes, homeopathic remedies in Karnataka are regulated by the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) and the Karnataka State Board of Homeopathy. These regulatory bodies ensure that homeopathic medicines meet quality standards and are safe for consumption.

Can homeopathy treat chronic conditions effectively?

Homeopathy is known for its efficacy in treating chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, and skin disorders. Many people in Karnataka rely on homeopathy for long-term management of chronic ailments due to its gentle approach and minimal side effects.

Is homeopathy suitable for children and pregnant women?

Yes, homeopathy is safe and suitable for children, pregnant women, and individuals of all ages. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and non-toxic, making them ideal for use during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.

How can I find a qualified homeopathic practitioner in Karnataka?

You can find qualified homeopathic practitioners in Karnataka by consulting with reputed homeopathic hospitals, clinics, or private practitioners. It's essential to ensure that the practitioner is registered with the Karnataka State Board of Homeopathy and has the necessary qualifications and experience to provide effective treatment.

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