Homeopathy Clinic In Gurgaon

Nestled in the National Capital Region, Gurgaon is a city that exemplifies urban dynamism, corporate vitality, and cultural diversity. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling corporate hubs, Homeopathy Clinics have carved a niche, offering a gentle and holistic approach to healthcare. This article explores the realm of Homeopathy in Gurgaon, uncovering the unique aspects that make these clinics an integral part of the city's healthcare narrative.

In the Millennium City, where corporate vigor meets holistic healing, Homeopathy Clinics stand as symbols of balancing well-being. With a commitment to personalized care, an innovative fusion of healing traditions, and a focus on community well-being, these clinics embody the spirit of Gurgaon's cultural richness. As Gurgaon continues to evolve, Homeopathy Clinics play a pivotal role in nurturing the health and wellness of its residents, contributing to the city's narrative of urban sophistication and holistic living.

1. Hariom Homeo

Hariom Homeo, Gurgaon

Dr. Nitish Dubey, a distinguished Homoeopath, is a part of the second generation of the esteemed Homoeopathic organization, Hariom Homoeo Kalyanpur in Bihar. With a legacy rooted in holistic healing, Dr. Dubey has been dedicatedly serving as a reputed Homoeopathic Doctor in India since the year 2000.

Over his extensive career in homoeopathic practice, Dr. Nitish Dubey has successfully treated a multitude of patients grappling with chronic and inveterate diseases. His expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including Male and Female Ailments, Paralysis, skin eruptions, Mental health issues, as well as Sexual and Physical Disorders.

Dr. Nitish Dubey stands as a renowned figure in the field of Homoeopathy, particularly in North India, notably Bihar and Delhi. Patients consistently choose him as their first preference due to his compassionate approach and the delivery of high-quality Homoeopathic treatment. His track record of satisfied patients attests to the efficacy of his methods.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Nitish Dubey actively engages with the Homoeopathic community through participation in numerous talks and debates. His discussions often revolve around diseases related to joints, muscles, nerves, and bones, showcasing his commitment to knowledge-sharing and community involvement.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Nitish Dubey is recognized for providing swift and accurate treatments across his network of more than six air-conditioned clinics. Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Dubey has authored over 100 blogs and papers, earning appreciation from the Homoeopathic fraternity. His contributions extend to holding Executive Posts, delegate roles, and memberships in various Homoeopathic organizing committees, solidifying his impact on the advancement of Homoeopathy.

Contact Details:

Address : B-1, 2nd-floor, HO CHI MINH Marg, Greater Kailash-Metro Gate-3, Greater Kailash Enclave -2, New Delhi 110048.
Phone : +9193110 88227
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

2. Gurgaon Holistic Healthcare Clinic

Gurgaon Holistic Healthcare Clinic,Gurgaon

Dr Shalini Sharma is  very enthusiastic and dedicated doctor with over 19 years of clinical experience in Homeopathy. She has been running a busy practice in Gurgaon Haryana. She completed her MD in Alternative Medicine, DHMS Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery CCH  Certificate Course in Child Healthcare CGO  Certificate Course in Gynaecology  & Obsterics  from Mumbai  and MBA in Hospital Administration from Chennai.

Dr Sharma is Globally renowned homeopath, known to thousands of patients as a kind and lively doctor, spreading benefit of homeopathic healing to thousands of families all over the World.

She has built a reputation for effective, evidence based practices with patients and illness that are complicated, difficult and in many cases life threatening. She is an experienced in handling emergencies such as High BP, Kidney issues, Diabetes, CKD, Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis and general ailment of the body, fibroids blocked fallopian tubes with homeopathy.

She did extensive research in the field of infectious and communicable diseases ,Childhood Asthma, Delayed Speech, Height and Growth Disorders, Autistic child and Cerebral Palsy.

Homeopathy is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the World as per the (WHO). It is extremely safe, effective and toxic free. You can continue taking these medicines even if you are being prescribed some other medicines in Allopathy. It helps by regulating the metabolism system of the individual. Hormone Imbalances that slow down your Metabolism. Insulin Resistance also called Metabolic Syndrome is the root cause of PCOD, Thyroid. Insulin can cause cancer cells to grow Breast Cyst Tumor risk. 

Contact Details:

Address : LGF, 04-H,Sushant Shopping Arcade, Gate No-4,Sushant lok-1,Gurgaon,122009
Phone : 9654400978
Email Id : [email protected]/
Website :

3. Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic

 Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic, Gurgaon

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic, one of the largest homeopathic practices in the world. The Clinic was founded in 1977 and now treats several hundred patients every day. The rates of cure achieved here, far surpass conventional homeopathy and the Clinic has built a reputation for effective, evidence-based practices with patients and illnesses that are complicated, difficult and in many cases, life threatening. The experienced and well-trained team of doctors at the Clinic is led by Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, an accomplished physician with four decades of practice. The Clinic and the Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Society have been responsible for several million charitable prescriptions over four decades.

In addition, facilitation of research, publication and protocol development, are amongst their various philanthropic activities. This website facilitates the correspondence of patients from all over the world with the Clinic and for visitors to learn about it. Visitors may also learn about the activities of the Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Society.

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee and Dr. Kushal Banerjee also visit different countries on the requests of patients. They have done this for patients in scores of countries.

They are frequently sought out for their skill in managing severely complicated cases, by the patient’s family, and often, by the attending physicians and surgeons.

The Clinic has patients in 6 continents and continues to treat tens of thousands via electronic media, from all corners of the globe.

The Clinic is continuously evolving. It invests resources for the development, deployment and use of information technology to increase efficiency, quality of care and the patient experience. To this end, it is the only homeopathic clinic in the world to have a unique software system developed solely for its processes.

It is the only homeopathic clinic in the world to have bespoke digital check-in kiosks for patients, dynamic screens displaying patients’ queues which update in real time, a live cloud-based appointment system which allows for appointments to be booked across its locations and an entirely digitised patient database.

This practice is redefining perceptions about homeopathy and its scope, every day.

Contact Details:

Address : 2nd Floor, Q 5/13, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram
Phone : +91-120-4122479
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

4. Dr. Batra's Homeopathy

Dr. Batra's, Gurgaon

Considered as one of the top Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai, Dr. Batra specializes in Homeopathy for the cure of many diseases. They believe that a job is not simply about getting to office every day, finishing routine stuff by the end of the day and then packing off without any take-home feeling. They believe that this is the place where you spend most of your waking time so why not make it worthwhile! That is why we take all the care to see that you get the best while you give your best at your job at Dr. Batra's.

In addition to in-person consultations, Dr. Batra’s™ also provides online consultations, making healthcare more accessible to individuals who may not be able to visit a physical clinic. Their website features a wealth of information on various health conditions, homeopathic treatments, and patient testimonials, providing valuable resources for individuals seeking alternative healthcare options.

Moreover, Dr. Batra’s™ is actively involved in research and development in the field of homeopathy, striving to enhance the effectiveness and understanding of homeopathic treatments. They have established partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations to further their research initiatives and contribute to the advancement of homeopathic medicine.

With a commitment to excellence and patient-centric care, Dr. Batra’s™ continues to be a trusted name in the realm of homeopathy, offering hope and healing to thousands of patients in Andhra Pradesh and beyond.

Contact Details:

Address : S.C.O. 21, First Floor, Above Muskan Dental Clinic, Sector 14, Bank Market, Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Gurugram
Phone: 9033001649
Email Id : [email protected]

5. Dr. Ritu Homeopathy

Dr. Ritu Homeopathy, Gurgaon

Dr. Ritu Bansal is a homeopathic physician and nutritionist practicing since last 16 years in Delhi NCR. She did B.H.M.S. from S.M.H.M.C. Lucknow.Registration No. CCH1995 .She believes in working with her patients to improve their health. Homeopathy treatment is not only safe but also effective .

It adopts a highly sophisticated and scientific approach to health ,disease and treatment . To sharpen her clinical skills, she decided to work under various stalwarts. Now she has diverse clinical experience and specialties in diagnosing and treating all kinds of difficult and chronic cases. During her experience lot of patients contacted her to reduce their weight and also in certain diseases weight loss is required to attain better results. Therefore she decided to pursue the course in nutrition and weight reduction i.e. Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (D.N.H.E.).

She provides diet chart for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, pregnancy, child obesity and underweight. Her various articles were published in Ottawa homeopathic newsletter. Her mantra is not only to cure a disease but to treat a disease as a sign of disorder of the whole human organism.

Dr Ritu Bansal is devoted to spread her knowledge in homoeopathic medical science and has acute sense of medical analysis. She has added experience and boosted her abilities in meeting the ever growing health care requirements. She is unswerving towards patients for providing them with best homoeopathic treatment.

Being the best homeopathic doctor in Gurgaon, Dr Ritu Bansal has a unique style of case taking and interacting with patients in a friendly manner which emboldens them to discuss their medical condition openly. This enables her to swiftly diagnose the disease facilitating rapid recovery.

Contact Details:

Address : A 3 / 303 Tulip Violet Sector 69 Gurugram 122101
Phone : 8860284382
Email I : [email protected]
Website :

6. Dr. Trikha Homoem Clinic

Dr. Trikha Homoem Clinic , Gurgaon

Dr. Vidhi Trikha has been practising in Gurgaon for past 25 years. Attending Physician (full time) at German Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Homoeopathic Consultant for Perfexa Solutions (A MNC in Gurgaon). Has worked in five charitable dispensaries seeing a wide range of patients. Worked as an editor for B. Jain Publisher (the world leader in Homoeopathic Publishing).

Education : B.H.M.S. from prestigious Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College under Delhi University. Post Graduate Diploma in Preventive & Promotive Healthcare from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. Trained by the American Heart Association for Basic Life Support & Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Program.

With a focus on individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs and constitution, Dr. Vidhi Trikha's clinic emphasizes the holistic principles of homeopathy. They believe in addressing the root cause of ailments rather than merely suppressing symptoms, promoting long-term health and well-being.

Patients visiting the clinic can expect comprehensive consultations where Dr. Vidhi Trikha takes the time to understand their medical history, lifestyle, and emotional well-being. Based on this detailed assessment, personalized treatment protocols are prescribed, incorporating homeopathic remedies known for their efficacy and safety.

Contact Details:

Address : Q-11, South City I, Sector 41, Gurugram
Phone : 9899586699
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

7. Practo Homeopathy

Practo Homeopathy, Gurgaon

Dr Harveena's Clinic - Homoeopathic Care is a Homeopathy Clinic in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. The clinic is visited by doctors like Dr. Harveena Kaur. The timings of Dr Harveena's Clinic - Homoeopathic Care are: Mon, Wed-Fri: 10:30-13:00, 17:30-20:00,Tue: 10:30-13:00 and Sat: 17:30-20:00.

Some of the services provided by the Clinic are: Dysmenorrhea Treatment, Skin Disorder, Depression Treatment, Behavioral problems in children and Piles Treatment (Non Surgical) etc. Click on map to find directions to reach Dr Harveena's Clinic - Homoeopathic Care.

Practo is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians. We believe in empowering our users with the most accurate, comprehensive, and curated information and care, enabling them to make better healthcare decisions.

t is the journey that takes you to new destinations every day with endless possibilities of life on the back of happiness, energy, and hope. Practo wants to make this journey easy for every Indian and help them live healthier and longer lives.

We understand healthcare goes beyond signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. It’s about the deep connection between doctors and patients that leads to continuous care and sustained, better outcomes.

Contact Details:

Address : Shop Number C-60, First Floor, Doctor's Square, Palam Vyapar Kendra, Landmark: Close To Palam Vihar Celebrity Sweet, Gurgaon
Phone : 011 4078 7307
Email Id : [email protected]/
Website :

8. Singhal Homeo Clinic

Singhal Homeo Clinic, Gurgaon

I am a practicing homeopathic physician at Gurgaon near New Delhi in India.I am actively involved in teaching homeopathic subjects in various homeopathic institutes, post-graduate workshops and seminars. I have presented my talks in many homeopathic colleges at Delhi, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Gwalior, Assam, etc.

My papers and articles are published in national and international magazenes. I am associated with many universities as an examiner. I am a visiting faculty to Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Bakson Homeopathic Medical College.

Led by Dr. Anil Singhal, who holds extensive experience and expertise in homeopathy, the clinic emphasizes personalized treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Singhal conducts thorough consultations, taking into account the individual's medical history, lifestyle factors, and emotional well-being to formulate comprehensive treatment protocols.

In addition to in-person consultations, Dr. Anil Singhal's clinic offers teleconsultation services, providing convenient access to quality homeopathic care for patients who may be unable to visit the clinic physically. This commitment to accessibility ensures that patients from diverse backgrounds can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Singhal and his team.

With a reputation for excellence in homeopathic healthcare, Dr. Anil Singhal's Homeopathy Clinic continues to be a trusted destination for individuals seeking natural and effective solutions to their health concerns in Andhra Pradesh. Through compassionate care and personalized treatment, the clinic aims to promote healing and well-being for all its patients.

Contact Details:

Address : Shop no. 46, HUDA Market, Sector 15, Part 2, opposite BIBA or YES Bank or FAB INDIA or SBI Bank Sector 15 Part 2Gurugram, Haryana 122001India
Phone : 098102 64825
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

9. Homeopathy Bhawan

Homeopathy Bhawan, Gurgaon

Treatment of acute and chronic disease especially asthma allergies eczema psoriasis arthritis acidity gas IBD IBS depression anxiety diarrhea constipation lichen migraine neuralgia sciatica pancreatitis, liver disease hair loss dandruff PCOS acne obesity etc.

Dr. Tanwar's approach to healthcare revolves around personalized treatment plans tailored to suit the individual needs and constitution of each patient. Through thorough consultations, Dr. Tanwar delves into the patient's medical history, lifestyle factors, and emotional well-being to formulate effective and holistic treatment protocols.

Dr. Tanwar's Homeopathy Clinic, situated in Andhra Pradesh, stands as a beacon of holistic healing under the expert guidance of Dr. Tanwar, a highly regarded homeopathic practitioner. With a steadfast dedication to patient welfare and a commitment to excellence, the clinic offers comprehensive homeopathic treatment for various health conditions.

In addition to in-person consultations, Dr. Tanwar's clinic offers teleconsultation services, ensuring accessibility to quality homeopathic care for patients who may not be able to visit the clinic physically. This commitment to patient convenience underscores the clinic's dedication to serving individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Contact Details:

Address : 446/2C, Homeopathy Bhavan, Behind SS Jewellers  Opp OBC ATM New Railway Road Adarsh Nagar Gurugram, Haryana 122001India
Phone : 093139 67774
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

10. Panacea homeopathy clinic

Panacea homeopathy clinic, Gurgaon

Five years ago when my friend, his sister, who’s a software developer, and I sat to develop a custom made software for my clinic. The necessity of giving a name, to the then obscure clinic, arose, that led to the selection of the name it now carries i.e. Panacea.

The idea was to have a name that would be both, meaningful, and universally understood. But what followed was not exactly the expected. Once we decided to promote the name, and publish articles under it, the phone calls in response would often begin with, “Is it Pa-nik-ia?” Some others would mumble, “is it Pan, Pan, Pana?” and we would complete, “Panacea sir/madam.”

The height was when one gentleman asked, “ Is it Pancreas Clinic”? Our name was not as commonly understood as we had thought. But that did not make it any less meaningful. As some, who were honest or inquisitive enough would ask, “Dr. What’s the meaning of Panacea?” and we would tell them that according to the Oxford Dictionary, it meant, “remedy for all diseases and troubles.” And then they would exclaim how apt and beautiful the name was.

How much you would like this site will depend on the extent to which it meets your expectations. We, on our part are always there to try our best to satisfy your needs related to the subject. If you did not find what you were looking for, any queries, doubts, unanswered questions (related to your disease or Homoeopathy), feel free to type them in the box given below. We would welcome any suggestions that can help improve our services or this site.

Whether we want it or not we tend to get typecast as specialists in medical profession, although there are no specializations in homoeopathy, since we emphasize on treating the patient and not the disease. Yet during the last five or six years, inadvertently though, we have come to be known as a Spine Specialty Homoeopathic Clinic.

Contact Details:

Address : H. No. 308 P, HUDA Sector 22 A, Near Tau Devi Lal Smriti Udyan, Gurugram, Haryana, INDIA 122015
Phone : 91 - 9718373737
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

list your Homeopathy clinic, Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a bustling city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, is not only known for its towering skyscrapers and thriving corporate culture but also for its diverse healthcare landscape. Amidst the array of medical facilities, homeopathy clinics have carved a niche for themselves, offering holistic and natural healing solutions to residents. In this article, we delve into the world of homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon, exploring their popularity, effectiveness, and the unique approach they bring to healthcare.

The Rise of Homeopathy in Gurgaon: Homeopathy, a system of alternative medicine founded on the principle of "like cures like," has witnessed a steady rise in popularity in Gurgaon. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including an increasing awareness of the limitations and side effects of conventional medicine, a preference for holistic approaches to health, and a desire for personalized care.

Accessibility and Affordability: Homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon are widely accessible, catering to the needs of both urban and suburban populations. With clinics located in various neighborhoods and commercial hubs, residents have easy access to homeopathic care. Furthermore, the relatively lower cost of homeopathic treatments compared to conventional medicine makes it an attractive option for individuals seeking affordable healthcare solutions.

Holistic Healing Approach: One of the defining features of homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon is their emphasis on holistic healing. Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses on treating specific symptoms or diseases, homeopathy takes into account the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. Homeopathic practitioners aim to stimulate the body's innate healing mechanisms, addressing the underlying causes of illness and promoting overall well-being.

Personalized Treatment: Homeopathy places great importance on individualization, with treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique constitution and symptoms. Homeopathic practitioners in Gurgaon take the time to conduct thorough consultations, understanding the patient's medical history, lifestyle factors, and emotional state. This personalized approach enables them to prescribe remedies that resonate with the individual's needs, enhancing the effectiveness of treatment.

Integration with Conventional Medicine: While homeopathy is often considered an alternative or complementary therapy, it can also complement conventional medical treatments. Many homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon adopt an integrative approach, working in collaboration with allopathic doctors to provide comprehensive care to patients. This integration allows patients to benefit from the strengths of both systems of medicine, ensuring a holistic approach to health.

Challenges and Opportunities: Despite its growing popularity, homeopathy in Gurgaon faces challenges such as skepticism from mainstream medical practitioners, lack of standardized regulation, and limited scientific evidence. However, these challenges also present opportunities for collaboration, research, and education to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine.

Homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon offer a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern healthcare practices, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of the city's residents. With their emphasis on holistic healing, personalized treatment, and integration with conventional medicine, homeopathy clinics continue to play a significant role in promoting wellness and vitality in Gurgaon's healthcare landscape.

FAQ on Homeopathy, Gurgaon

What is homeopathy, and how does it work?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine based on the principle of "like cures like." It involves using highly diluted substances to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole, considering physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health.

Are homeopathy clinics popular in Gurgaon?

Yes, homeopathy clinics have gained popularity in Gurgaon due to their holistic approach to healthcare and effectiveness in treating various health conditions. They cater to individuals seeking natural and personalized treatment options.

What health conditions can be treated at homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon?

Homeopathy can treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, including respiratory disorders, allergies, skin problems, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and musculoskeletal complaints, among others.

How do I choose a reputable homeopathy clinic in Gurgaon?

Look for clinics with experienced and qualified homeopathic practitioners. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family, check online reviews, or visit the clinic's website to learn more about their approach and services.

Is homeopathy safe for children and pregnant women?

Yes, homeopathy is considered safe for people of all ages, including children and pregnant women. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and free from side effects when prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

How long does it take to see results with homeopathy treatment?

The duration of treatment varies depending on the individual's condition, the severity of symptoms, and their overall health. Some people may experience improvement within days or weeks, while others may require longer-term treatment for chronic conditions.

Can homeopathy be used alongside conventional medicine?

Yes, homeopathy can complement conventional medicine and be used alongside it in an integrative approach. Many homeopathic practitioners in Gurgaon work collaboratively with allopathic doctors to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Are homeopathic remedies available over the counter?

Some homeopathic remedies are available over the counter, but it's recommended to consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner for personalized treatment. They can prescribe remedies based on individual symptoms and constitution.

Do homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon offer teleconsultation services?

Yes, many homeopathy clinics in Gurgaon offer teleconsultation services, providing convenient access to healthcare for patients who may not be able to visit the clinic physically.

Is homeopathy covered by health insurance in Gurgaon?

Coverage for homeopathy treatment under health insurance plans may vary. It's advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage options for alternative medicine treatments like homeopathy.

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