6 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas to Improve your Home's Value

Many people are trying to find ways to improve the value of their homes. However, they tend to forget that they can't attract customers by just adding multiple upgrades to their homes. In order to catch the attention of potential customers, they must also make their homes more eco-friendly.

Most buyers look for homes that are friendly to the environment and also help them save more money. A regular family has to pay $2,200 for their energy bills every year, according to the U.S Department of Energy, but energy-efficient upgrades help reduce that cost by 30%.

1.    Invest In Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are in a lot of demand today. Why is it considered such an important green home improvement idea? The reason is that these windows reduce energy use which helps decrease the energy bills.

Energy-efficient windows also help control the temperature inside your home so that you can feel nice and snug the whole year. They also have incredible insulation features that help block out unnecessary cold and noise from the house.

Other than that, they also have other benefits such as

· Shield furniture from UV rays

Many items such as wood, fabric, carpets, rugs, paintings, and furniture are very sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays and can easily get damaged. The energy-efficient windows are coated with a specific substance that helps shield those vulnerable items from the UV rays.

·       Decreases need for maintenance

Because these windows have less condensation, they have lesser mold issues. This helps increase their durability and not have any need for maintenance. They also decrease water spots and dirt buildup with the help of the UV-resistant substance that's applied to the windows.

2.    Install Solar Panels in your Home

Solar energy has become one of the most commonly used forms of renewable energy. Houses that use a lot of electricity can save a lot of money because of solar power panels; they're one of the best options that can increase the value of your home.

Although solar panels may cost you a pretty penny, their lifelong benefits can keep you more than satisfied. According to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, 21% of Australian houses have solar rooftops.

Solar power systems are not only helpful to us, but they're also helpful to the environment as well. By installing solar panels in your homes, you're able to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels to produce electricity. They also help to extend the lifespan of roofs by protecting them from snow and debris.

3.    Tankless Water Heaters

A water heater is a basic necessity for all households. Traditional water heaters keep gallons of water heated in a metal device, but the hot water stays inside the device even if it's not being used, which is a waste of energy.

Tankless water heaters, however, manage to heat water only when you need it. The water travels through a pipe and is heated by a gas burner or an electric heating element. This way, there is no wastage of hot water, and it helps save and reduce energy costs.

The water heater also has a long-life guarantee which can help to reduce the cost of getting maintenance to fix. There are many benefits of using tankless water heaters, such as:

· Long-life guarantee

· It takes up less space

· Never-ending hot water

· Energy-efficient

4.    Improve Your Household Appliances

When it's time for you to sell your house, and you're checking your house to see if there's anything that you need to upgrade or fix, there are chances that many of your household appliances might be too old-fashioned and not work properly. An example of this can be kitchen appliances.

Old kitchen appliances can oftentimes become a safety hazard for others, such as gas stoves and gas cylinder holders. That's why you should have a gas safety check performed on all your gas appliances to avoid any gas leak mishaps.

After the safety check has been performed, you'll be given a gas certificate.  Your clients wouldn't want a house that has outdated and hazardous kitchen appliances. By renewing the household appliances, you can make your living room look more neat and fresh.

5.    Upgrade and Insulate Your Garage Door

Garage doors generally use up a lot of energy and increase the energy bills. You open and close a garage door around 1,500 times a year; because of this, it becomes unstable and old. That's why it's important for you to upgrade it.

One way to do that is by adding insulation to the walls and ceiling of the garage. You can apply different types that suit your garage well, such as spray foam, Styrofoam board insulation, and batting. The right insulation will help keep your garage at a more secure temperature. An upgraded garage door can bring up the price of the home by 4%.

6.    Insulate Your Attic

The heat buildup in your attic can cause a lot of damage to the rest of the walls and ceilings of your house because of the water vapors leaking into the walls and ceilings. This can cause the walls and your roof to swell up and crack. That's why it's important for you to insulate your attic. By insulating your attic, you can save 15% of your money on heating and cooling.

Poorly insulated attics can bring a lot of unwanted outdoor pollutants inside your home through air leaks. With proper insulation, your attic can help prevent that and keep clean and purified air in your home, as well as prevent mold that occurs in damp and cool places.

You're Now Ready to Make Sustainable Improvement to Your Home

To enhance the worth of your home, increase its functionality by making it sustainable. Use energy-efficient windows to help keep indoors warm or cool from harsh temperatures. Add solar panels to your rooftop and cut down your utility bills. By adding upgrades to your home, not only do you increase its value but also cut down carbon emissions and make it eco-friendly.

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